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12 Life-Changing Reasons to Cook with Homegrown Plants & Herbs

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At Natufia, we believe you can transform your life by growing food in your kitchen.

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“Want to create a life of health and simplicity while enjoying a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living? Grow hydroponically fresh herbs and greens in the unit chamber, and discover life-changing reasons to cook with homegrown plants”.

  1. Fresh, vibrant smells & flavors. Food should taste incredible and smell delicious. Do you remember walking through your grandmother’s garden, the smell of tomatoes permeating the air? The little things, like fresh smells and flavors, make life feel special. When you harvest plants and herbs just before eating them, that vitality is translated into your food.
  2. Optimal nutritional value. Oxidation of plants happens so rapidly that the sooner we pick a plant or herb and eat it, the more we experience its health benefits. Growing food in your kitchen provides nutrient-dense produce.
  3. Free of toxins. Growing your food at home guarantees your product is free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, and toxins. Natufia seeds are Demeter certified, the highest biodynamic certification available.
  4. Fresh food 24/7. Imagine walking downstairs in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and picking fresh chamomile for a cup of tea. Natufia makes it possible to eat fresh herbs & produce at all hours, every day.
  5. Year-round availability. Natufia’s fully-automated hydroponic system allows food to grow throughout every season, avoiding weather challenges like drought, ice, and humidity, providing nutrient-rich food year-round.
  6. Plant Diversity. Natufia offers a wide array of plant and herb options and the ability to grow 32 different pods simultaneously.
  7. Fully automated, climate-controlled. Natufia has created a self-regulated hydroponic system that manages temperature, hydration, humidity, and nutrient distribution and even supplies plants with music that has been proven to support the growth process.
  8. Eliminates wasteful packaging. Your children should know that their salad doesn’t come from a bag. Every opportunity to take plastic out of their food is a triumph. With a home kitchen garden, children can pick their own produce.
  9. Sustainable living. When you grow your own produce, you not only eliminate the packaging involved but the process of transporting plants to other regions and countries. You save gas mileage and contribute to a local lifestyle. What’s good for you is good for the planet
  10. More time for what counts. Natufia makes produce available so that you don’t have to spend time going to the market to get your food. In a world of to-do lists, this offers more freedom to be with family and spend time on what counts.
  11. Complete integration. High design and technology have made it possible to integrate a hydroponic garden big enough for the whole family seamlessly into your kitchen. You can watch plants grow without disrupting the flow of your modern kitchen layout
  12. Connect to nature, connect to your food. The Natufia home kitchen garden offers you the opportunity to develop a relationship with your food by witnessing the growing process. From seed to plant to table, developing a conscious relationship with your food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle

Natufia fresh herbs and greens in the unit chamber grown hydroponically

Natufia Kitchen Garden and the plants up close
Automated hydroponic kitchen garden for home kitchens by Natufia.

Let’s consider, what kind of world do we want to pass on to our children? How can we offer them innovative approaches to sustainable living? Join us in creating a life of health and simplicity. After all, what’s good for you is good for the Earth.

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