Magic Properties of Plants Now and Then – Part 3

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It is always the perfect time to start an indoor garden. Having an indoor garden has many benefits: not only do you create a space springing with life, but you also create a space teeming with magic. It is also a peaceful activity to help you feel grounded, and connect you with nature.

At Natufia, we continuously test new varieties of seeds in our labs to offer you the most diverse choice of plants that can be grown indoors. There are so many great greens/herbs that you can grow which will improve your health and add nutrients to your diet. Let’s dive right in.

The goal of this post is to share with you a handful of herbs with magical uses that Aigerim, our botanist recommends to grow in Natufia Gardens because they are some of the easiest to grow and care for.

  1. Rosemary

This herb’s magic properties are used for love spells and protection. In ancient times, it was favored for purification and cleansing rituals. Rosemary was placed under pillows to promote peaceful sleeping and ward off evil spirits and nightmares.

When burnt rosemary purifies a room or ritual space before performing magic rituals. Rosemary can help with removing anxiety and cleansing the aura and spirit. Married women would keep a sachet of rosemary near the entrance of their homes to ensure a faithful husband.  

In ancient Greece, students energize their minds by wearing wreaths of rosemary. While at some Victorian weddings, brides would wear a spring of rosemary to show the loving memories they carried of their old home to their new one. 

Rosemary leaf
Freshly harvested rosemary right from your kitchen.

During the Middle Ages, rosemary would be grown in several pots, each pot named after a potential lover, and the name of the actual lover would be from the plant that grew the fastest and strongest. 

Other than the spiritual/magical uses of rosemary, nowadays rosemary uses have shifted into more practical use such as stimulating hair growth, relieving pain, repelling bugs, increasing circulation, and reducing inflammation.  

  • To grow rosemary in Natufia Gardens, Aigerim, our botanist recommends placing the rosemary seed for approximately two weeks in the nursery to germinate.  After the seed germinates, place the germinated seedpod in the main chamber for another two weeks to be ready for harvest. So in a total of four weeks, you will get to enjoy your homegrown rosemary.

2. Lavender 

Have you ever experienced smelling the fragrance of Lavender? If yes, it would come as no surprise to you why Lavender is believed to lift depression and ease stress and anxiety. 

During the first century, it was believed that lavender can be burned to promote sleep and rest, and the ashes are scattered around the home to bring peace and harmony and purify the space.  It was believed that carrying lavender in your pockets or a sachet around your neck will allow you to see ghosts.

In addition, it was believed that placing the flowers under pillows or made into tea can heal depression and induce peaceful sleeping, while dried lavender was also hung outside the house to ward off evil spirits and was often used for purification.  Placing a lavender under your pillow while thinking of your wish and in the morning, if you have dreamt of anything relating to your wish, it will come true.

Recently, lavender is mostly used as a relaxing agent. Lavender can help bring calm to the nervous system and ultimately helps relieve headaches, insomnia, or even depression. While Its essential oil is commonly used to help treat skin issues such as insect bites, get rid of acne, and more. Lavender is also used to help increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which are essentially the ‘happy’ hormones in our body. To elevate your mood at home here are a couple of ways to use lavender. 

1- The Lavender flower: you can pop them right in your salad, lemonade, or soup. They’re also perfect for drying and adding them to a fresh load of laundry.

2. In Tea:  a cup of steaming lavender tea just might be the perfect nightcap. Steam 1/2 teaspoon of dried lavender buds in 1 to 2 cups of hot water. 

3. Essential oil: pour a few drops into a spray bottle with some water and witch hazel, and spray it on your pillow for super sweet dreams.

  • To grow Lavender in Natufia Gardens, Aigerim, our botanist recommends placing the lavender seed for approximately one and a half weeks in the nursery to germinate.  After the seed germinates, place the germinated seedpod in the main chamber for another two weeks to be ready for harvest. So in a total of three weeks, you will get to enjoy your homegrown lavender. 

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