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We are thrilled to announce we have been featured in the four-part documentary series ‘Quest for Knowledge on National Geographic Abu Dhabi. 

We were recently honored to be featured on National Geographic, Chasing Answers TV series. The National Geographic team visited our lab at KAUST and interviewed our CEO Gregory Lu, and this is how it came out.

Indoor Garden Startup
We have been featured as one of the KAUST start-ups on National Geographic.

About the Documentary

The documentary highlighted the achievements of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) since  2009, which has focused on research that applies science and technology to problems of human needs, social development, and environmental sustainability. KAUST for the past year has quickly become one of the fastest-growing universities for high-quality research output.

At KAUST, hundreds of scientists worldwide are researching to find answers and solutions that improve our future and our environment. From finding new, reliable sources of energy to finding out what lies beneath the sea’s surface and how to keep marine life healthy, scientists strive toward a common goal of delivering a sustainable future for us and future generations.

In this four-part documentary series, National Geographic delves deeper into the research being conducted at KAUST by focusing on three areas of interest. In addition to highlighting the results that are coming from the start-ups that the University has been a hub for a couple of years, where Natufia is one of them. 

About the Episode: The  Quest for Knowledge: Difference Makers – Episode 4

The documentary highlighted Natufia as the world’s first fully integrated and automated hydroponic company that applies science and technology to keep food reliable, and healthy while preserving its true original taste and making it readily accessible anywhere. 

Natufia is a KAUST spin-in, a multi-awarded research lab specialized in hydroponic systems, providing unique proprietary technology that enables fresh plants and herbs to grow year-round to solve food-security issues. Natufia believes soil-less cultivation is a powerful tool in sustainable farming, particularly water-use efficiency.

It was an honor to be featured on an episode of the four-part documentary series on National Geographic showcasing the brilliant mind of our co-founder Gregory Lu.  Affiliated with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Natufia technology allowed this invention to homes, businesses and even to Mars!

Natufia and Edama, KAUST startups pair together to bring food to Mars by bringing innovative food production technologies to space by working together with each contributing in different areas of expertise. The progress of Natufia and Edama demonstrates the strong ecosystem they are building to solve problems that are relevant to the whole world and all of humanity through science and technology. 

 Natufia with its innovative technology decentralizes food production, by solving the sustainability challenges associated with conventional farming on a local level and creating an impact in the world by feeding it sustainably! 

The documentary also highlighted the great pressure scientists fall into to come up with solutions. During this program, you will see the revolutionary work of the scholars using futuristic technology to help archaeologists unlock the secrets of our past.

To watch the full episode visit the link below


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