Visit us @KBIS 2023, Jan 31st – Feb 2nd, stand N1476

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Natufia One at KBIS 2023
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A show not to miss! Natufia is delighted to present you our smart indoor gardens at KBIS 2023, Las Vegas, Stand N1476.

From January 31st through the 2nd of February, we will be in Las Vegas for the biggest industry show of the year, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). Join us at KBIS, January 31st – Feb 2nd, Stand N1476 at ICFF Pavilion, and see our smart gardens in action.

We are gearing up to exhibit to over 30,000+ attendees who are flocking to Las Vegas to see the latest in industry products, trends, and technologies.

We will be opening our showroom in Stand N1476 at ICFF Pavilion for 3 days to showcase our eye-catching indoor gardens.  Join us at KBIS, Jan 31st – Feb 2nd, Stand N1476 ICFF Pavilion, and get up-close and personal with Natufia Smart Gardens

The Natufia Gardens go beyond farm-to-fork and provide herbs and plants indoors . With the combination of our proprietary technology and high-end design, the Natufia gardens allow you to now practice a sustainable lifestyle and eat healthy while minimizing your environmental impact through packaging, pollution, food miles, food waste, and toxins with the ability to grow healthy, nutrient-dense fresh herbs and greens indoors 24/7/365.

Come by to see for yourself how technology and nature coexist in the beautiful interpretation of the Natufia indoor gardens. 

Natufia Smart Garden is an innovative, fully-automated garden for every home. You can grow 32 plants simultaneously with everything from watering, pH levels, light spectrum, humidity, temperature, airflow and more fully controlled by the computer, as well as monitor the grow chamber conditions from the control interface, and even play music to your plants. All you have to do is relax and watch your plants grow in perfect conditions. Moreover, Natufia Smart Garden’s elegant and timeless design integrates seamlessly into your décor.

Natufia One is an innovative semi-automated garden. You can grow 20 plants simultaneously with automatic watering and lighting, while manually monitoring the pH and nutrients, and changing the water every two weeks. Natufia One is made of 20 cups nesting on one pillar with an LED system and a nursery tray that fits 20 seed pods as well. 

Come visit us at KBIS Stand N1476 and be immersed in a simulation space with our new models, and see the design and technology behind each. Get your hands on Natufia One and Natufia Smart Garden and see smart gardens in action! Our experts will be on hand to answer any of your questions. 

You will get a chance to have a closer look at the 3-step growing cycle while stumbling on the smell and taste of the purest and the freshly harvested greens just as nature gives us.

Natufia One on display
Grow at home or office and get access to fresh greens or herbs whenever.

We will be offering the Natufia One at an exclusive discounted price only during the show which you will be able to secure right at the booth. An offer not to miss! 

You will also be able to reserve or buy the Natufia Smart Garden on the stand at a generous discounted offer exclusively for the KBIS visitors!

Join us at KBIS and experience the home tech this Jan 31st – Feb 2nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas!

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