NATUFIA coming to tropical Miami this September! 

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Gather, the National Conference by ASID
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We are super excited to present Natufia One @Gather2022 at Vignettes which is taking place this September. Make plans to Attend! 

Meet us at Vignettes

GATHER, the National Conference by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), will be held in Miami, Florida, from September 21-24, 2022 which will assemble the entire design community for 3-days of connecting, sharing, and learning.

Talk to us and explore collaboration opportunities that can add to your exclusive portfolio.

GATHER 2022 is the singular most important event bringing the entire interior design profession together with ASID industry partner members, educators, students, and design enthusiasts to explore how design is shaped in the social and cultural context. Gather 2022 also creates space for all interior designers to network and socialize in person, and is the only national conference that brings together residential and commercial designers.

With this in mind, ASID has chosen the vibrant city of Miami to host GATHER 2022 because of Miami’s rich history in art and design, which made it the ideal place to bring the community together. 

If you are an interior designer looking to collaborate with Natufia, register your interest below, and we will get in touch!

Join us for the National Conference by ASID – GATHER 2022! 

Gather, the National Conference by ASID
Meet Natufia at Gather Miami, the National Conference by ASID this September 2022
We could not be more excited to show Natufia’s vision when it comes to design: sustainable, beautiful, and innovative. With its elegant design, the Natufia One garden will have a place in professional kitchens, homes, offices, community spaces, bars, and hotels - the list is endless. Natufia One is impressive in and of itself. Growing your own food indoors and in style could not be easier.

We will be showcasing in Vignettes area to show you our Natufia One smart garden. 

Natufia One is an innovative semi-automated garden. You can grow 20 plants simultaneously with automatic watering and lighting Natufia One is made of 20 beautifully designed cups nesting on one pillar with a LED system and a nursery tray that fits 18 seed pods as well. You will get a chance to see for yourself the easy  3-step growing cycle of Natufia Gardens while stumbling on the mouth-watering freshly harvested greens and herbs. 

Visit us at the Gather 2022 Vignettes area and enjoy seeing the Natufia One in action. Get your hands on Natufia One and see it in action! Learn from our experts by answering any questions you might have. We will be offering the Natufia One at an exclusive, generous discounted price only during the show, which you can secure right on the spot. An offer not to miss!

Why attend GATHER 2022?

  1. Get a different perspective as you connect and learn from practitioners across all sectors of design, from commercial to residential and everything in between.
  2. Gain insight, and inspiration, and learn from global thought leaders and each other. 
  3. See the latest in design innovation come to life as our industry partners showcase the Future of Life and Work.
  4. Get Natufia One at a discounted price. 

Mark your calendars, and join us at GATHER 2022 and experience the inspirational space from September 21-24 in Miami, FL


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