Natufia MiNi Garden

Natufia MiNi Garden

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There’s this connection and therapeutic way of people experiencing a garden. Gregory Lu, Founder

We developed a unique technology that provides unlimited and constant access to greens and vegetables by growing automatically nutritious plants right in the heart of your home.

Not only is the taste of salads, herbs and flowers fantastic…the freshness, quality and colour can’t be beaten.

Pierre Mathon Michelin Star Chef
Pierre Mathon, Michelin Star Chef

Brings the farmers market straight to your home.


Packed to the gills with innovative tech.

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This is a perfect garden to keep in the kitchen. 

WIRED, Italy

I don’t have to worry about the quantity of vegetables and herbs I need to purchase. In my house, Natufia’s innovative system became the talking piece. All my friends want to check it out and are interested in what I’m currently growing.

Jules Wilson, Interior Designer, San Diego

Natufia enables a household to move away from preservatives to nutrient preservation with garden fresh herbs and produce. This concept alone belongs in every home.

Veronica Schreibeis Smith
Veronica Schreibeis Smith, CEO & Founding Principal, AIA, NCARB Certified, LEED AP, Vera Iconica Architecture

Taste is primarily an intimate tale between the Chef and nature. With Natufia, I observe taste growing every day in my kitchen.

Chef Simone Zanoni
Chef Simone Zanoni, Michelin star chef, restaurant Le George, Four seasons hotel