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It is our pleasure to have had the chance to talk with Julie West the science communications specialist at KAUST. The ScienceTown podcast introduces brilliant minds with each episode diving into cutting-edge tech, science, and startup culture that makes KAUST the most unique research community.

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Two KAUST AgriTech startups, Natufia and Edama, are among the ten international winners in NASA’s competitive Deep Space Food Challenge

This duo’s joint solution brings together advanced automated hydroponics, macro-algae farming, and composting systems, seamlessly integrated into a low-maintenance, user-friendly, closed-loop food production ecosystem.

In his interview, Gregory Lu talked about the most pertinent challenges in agriculture now and what can be done to disrupt the use of pesticides and decrease the percentage of water and food waste. He also emphasized the importance of producing food where we consume it. How? Why don’t you listen to this insightful podcast to find out about the unique indoor farming technology for yourself?

Tune in to learn how the most innovative forward-visioning businesses introduce changes and challenge the status quo of the current food chains to provide better solutions for tomorrow today and shape the future. 

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